soul freed by Christ’s smile; I am as real as I am gleeful; happiness and pain is the same; glee is one of the great wonders of the world; it comes from melancholy, which is the most delightful paradox; it’s not a laugh because it’s not overcoming, avoiding or cramp, free of history, has no other meaning but itself."

It would be really worth taking the works one by one but I wouldn’t like to ruin your joy of discovery. Yet, let’s have a look at Leonardo da Pincsi, this fascinating flying man with its screws, or the lying figure of Life-path, which is a huge, rustic foot with the ornamentation of the proud Corinthian column head.
You can see here the famous scandalous work from the 60’s, the Paternal heritage. Christ crucified onto a hammer, if you like, the Redeemer crucified onto the working class, said to be glorious and ruling at the time - full of smile and pain, which Lászó Szlávics Sr. didn’t even renounce for the sake of lying. In front of us there is the Young woman on one huge foot. She is the woman, the anima living in the souls of men since eternity. This woman is as solid and real as the one who has a deep and spiritual relationship with the material we come from. Who is mother and material in one. In the light of glee we

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