can say "she has both feet on the ground,"as the saying goes, since this one huge foot is enough for two. Instead of her head there is an open hand, waiting for blessing and holding onto the sky- this way the earth and the heaven is united in the woman, who creates life from the material of the earth and the blessing of the heaven.

László Szlávics Jr. also tells us stories, like his father. Of course he doesn’t produce literary short stories either, but calls us into inside happenings. Right here the guest objects of the cast bronze items: On the riverbank wing’s fluttering, will it sink? Remember? A fascinating paradox of melancholy.

The artist’s unique venture is the attempt to baptise money. Old coins, even notes used to have the portraits of kings or national heroes on them, this way bearing the marks of personality and even that of cult as well. The modern money is the electron vibrating in the credit card, or not even that, but some impersonal number the global stock exchange gurus are playing with at my expense. To say the least, they keep robbing you and me – absolutely legally, disguised by impersonality. With his cultic proto-money László Szlávics Jr. refers to other cultures and creatures he used, distant in

Gábor Czakó: Ladies and Gentlemen...