instruments. After the six primary classes in the villages, he began his apprenticeship as a fitter under his father's guidance at the Győr Wagon Factory, at the age of 12. Eight children grew up of the 11, four boys and four girls. The head of the family decreed that the boys were to be fitters, the girls weavers. (Before the family was scattered by fate, his wish was realized.) On his way to work, Laci often stopped in front of the shopwindow of a Győr sculptor to daydream about becoming a sculptor himself. It took long for him to visit the owner of the shop, Gyula Földessy, to ask him to take him on as an assistant. He soon left the parental home and moved to his master's in Győr. He was fourteen. He learnt wood and stone carving, modelling restoring, ivory carving. They restored church interiors, statues, paintings, making portraits, full figures of saints in various